About Pharos Trading

Pharos Trading specializes in the procurement and trading of grains and other commodities on behalf of its large and reliable end user client base, predominantly based in the Middle East.

Pharos Trading Pty Ltd was founded in 2009 by Khaldoun Badawy (Director) who has nearly two decades of experience in the procurement, trading and merchandising of various products to the Middle East. Khaldoun is closely connected to this region, with much of the product going to Pharos’ own affiliated advanced processing facilities.

The company offers growers and other suppliers a direct channel to market their grain into the fully integrated end user demand streams of the Middle East.

Products Pharos Trading specializes in includes (but is not limited to Faba Beans, Albus Lupins, Lentils (Red and Green), Chickpeas (Kabuli), Broad Beans, Mung Beans, Popcorn, Feed Corn, Wheat, Barley and Canola. Pharos Trading can purchase these commodities in bulk handling warehouse, delivered packer or ex-farm to suit.  

Pharos Trading is currently dealing with hundreds of satisfied growers and major traders across all Australian major port zones, shipping large volumes of grain per annum in both container and bulk vessel. Operations also expand beyond Australia with  procurement also conducted in both bulk vessel and containers from the other major grain & pulse producing nations.

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